NP Lions Community Partners Program


  • Community Exposure
  • Giving Back
  • Social Equity
  • Incremental Revenue
  • Customer Loyalty
  • NP Lions Patronage
  • Improved Local Search

New Providence Lions 50th Anniversary

Community Partnership Program

The Lions Club Community Partner Program is a way for businesses and professionals to join the Lions Club in support of New Providence. With our 60+ members, the men and women of the Lions Club support events and do the behind-the-scenes efforts that make New Providence a great place to live, work and do business.  

Our new Community Partners Program gives all local professionals and businesses an opportunity to be recognized as Partners and to derive the benefits of being a Lions Community Partner. As we celebrate the Lions Club’s 50th anniversary in New Providence, we have initiated the Community Partner Program! For a small donation of $100, you are becoming a Community Partner that benefits your business and our community!


Business Growth

  • Supporting the Lions means that we’ll support your business by providing mini-signage for your office or business letting the New Providence community know that you are a New Providence Lions Community Partner.  You’ll also be listed as a hole sponsor of our annual Golf outing with signage on the course!
  • We will encourage our members to frequent your business.  We’ll host a mix & mingle cocktail hour for you to meet our members and Community Partners.
  • We’ll promote your business at community events and in our direct marketing including our website with links and contact information.  This partnership will increase business and improve customer loyalty.

Increased Exposure - Through improved local search your business will be listed as a Community Partner on our website and we’ll establish links to encourage members and others to readily identify and reach your business.

Giving Back - Maybe the most important benefit is that your tax-deductible contribution will be directly helping the New Providence community. Since 100% of the money raised by the Community Partner Program goes back into the Community, you’ll be supporting the New Providence Lions in making New Providence a safe, supportive and lively town.

New Providence Lions Club – Help Us Help Others

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